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Homeowners that want to save money on plumbing fees often turn to household cleaning products and DIY equipment for basic plumbing troubleshooting. Instead of calling a professional plumber for help when their drains get clogged, they turn to easily accessible chemical drain cleaners and their trusty plungers.  When that doesn’t seem to do the trick, the handy ones even go so far as tinkering around the pipes under their sinks or using handheld drain augers or drain snakes. Only when they can’t fix the problem themselves do they call for a plumber.

Calling a plumber as the last resort is indeed understandable, and here at Adaptable Plumbing we are all for educating our clients so that you have to option of fixing less serious plumbing issues on your own. However, the fact remains that many plumbing issues are beyond a homeowner’s capability to fix, not only because of the lack of know-how but because of the lack of proper equipment.

Homeowners that unclog drains on their own are usually able to do so because the debris is still soft enough for the plunger or snake to dislodge and they are located relatively near the drain entrance. When the blockage is, however, located way down the drainage pipe or has hardened beyond the ability of DIY equipment to dislodge, this is when professional plumbers and our water jetters come in handy.

Water jetters are ideal for clearing drains that have pretty solid debris because the high water pressure is strong enough to unclog even the most stubborn of debris. What’s even better is that it gives your pipes a thorough scrubbing as it travels up the line, so that clogs are not only broken apart but the residue also carried away and washed out in the process. This makes for a clean drainage system and not just a simple blocked drain unclogging. This ensures that your drain pipes are as clean as can be and that they won’t get clogged again anytime soon.

Aside from the delivering in terms of cleaning power, water jetters are also very useful because they can clear blockages located deep down the line. This is because water jetters come with different hose lengths, such as 50 and 100 feet models.

Note though that water jetters are not ideal for all types of drain pipes, including ceramic pipes. This is because ceramic pipes, especially old ones, are prone to erosion and can be damaged by the high water pressure used by water jetters. However, water jetters are appropriate for almost any other kind of drain pipes, from septic lines to agricultural drains.

If you need help with your blocked drains, feel free to contact us at Adaptable Plumbing and we’ll wash your woes away with our water jetters in no time at all.

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