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Tempering valves are a must in every household in Perth that uses a hot water system. The reason for this is that the law requires that water piped into bathrooms be regulated so that they do not exceed 50 degree Celsius. Ignoring this will not only make you liable in case someone gets burned in your bathroom, but is also a clear danger to you and the rest of your household with children especially being at risk for scalding water burns.

If you are wondering why tempering valves are needed to regulate hot water, since you can always just set your water heater to churn out water at cooler temperatures, then think I’m pretty sure you won’t need to think twice once you start taking out still greasy plates from your dishwasher. Even more important is the fact that the bacteria for Legionnaire’s disease and other water borne diseases flourish at water temperatures below 50 degrees, this means that setting your water heater’s thermostat at that levels won’t kill these bacteria. So if you are to consider your family’s health AND safety, the best practice would be to set the water heater to 60 degrees to ensure that the bacteria are killed and just regulate the water being piped into your bathroom with the use of a tempering valve so no one gets scalded.

If you need a tempering valve installed or just have the ones installed at home inspected, Adaptable Plumbing can definitely do the job for you. Our licensed plumbers are experts in installing hot water systems and highly knowledgeable in risk assessment and trained to carry out the battery of tests needed to compliance with safety standards. We’ll be happy to check out the state of your hot water system, particularly your tempering valve and give you the appropriate recommendation, whether that be to sit back and relax until you’re due for another inspection or to have the valve replaced. We’ll also be glad to make any thermostat adjustments you might request; after all you might want your water temperature to be regulated in other areas of the house or might simply want the water in your bathroom to be cooler than 49 degrees without having to fiddle with the cold tap.

As for the cost of installing or replacing a tempering valve, you need not worry because Adaptable Plumbing is known for our transparent fees. Our reputation for one price plumbing ensures that you don’t get saddled with additional charges so that you can stay within your budget because you are given an accurate quote from the start. We also offer Hot Water Specials that includes the cost of the installation and accessories such as the tempering valve.

For all your hot water needs, call the plumber that knows hot water systems like no other –Adaptable Plumbing.

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