Sewer Renewals for Perth Residents

Adaptable Plumbing, Licensed Plumber and Gas Fitters have been undertaking sewer renewals throughout Perth for over 11 years. This work includes:


Drain Repairs

Drain Repair of a small section of drain.
Often the cause of blocked drains and general drainage problems can be damage to the drain. This damage may be from tree roots, subsidence, machine damage or incorrect installation. With the assistance of a drain camera, we can identify the source of the problem and repair a localised section of drain.

Replacement of Sewer Drain Section over 5m

Perhaps the drain is damaged in a few places or is located in an area where future building works or a pool is to be located. We can replace this section of drain when it is 5m or more of drain required. We will replace the drain and provide an amended drawing to the Water Corporation along with a Plumbers Licensing Board Compliance Certificate. This will provide a future reference point and will entitle you to a 7 year warranty on the work.

Sewer Conversions

If you are currently using a septic system and you have been provided with a Sewer Connection Point. We are able to amend your existing drain, decommission you Septic System and complete all necessary paper work associated with the work.

Subdivision Plumbing Works

Relocate Existing Property Sewer

If you are sub-dividing a property, we are able to provide the necessary drainage works for the existing property. This requires the diversion of the Sewer to within 600mm of the boundary. We will provide a drawing to the Water Corporation along with a Plumbers Licensing Board Compliance Certificate.

Provide New Sewer Connection Point

If you are completing a strata subdivision, you may only be required to provide a connection point off an existing inspection shaft. With the Water Corporations assistance, we can confirm as much and complete the work.


Provide New Sewer Junction

If you are developing a property and the new blocks are to be green titled. It is likely that you will be required to provide an additional Sewer Junction. The Water Corporation requires a Licensed Plumber to excavate the Ministers Sewer in accordance with their safety requirements. Once this excavation is complete, Adaptable Plumbing will make the necessary applications and within 48 hours a new Sewer Junction will be installed. We will back fill the site and complete all necessary paper work and drawings associated with the work.

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