Blocked Kitchen Sink for Perth Residents

A blocked kitchen sink is one of the most common plumbing issue homeowners have to deal with. This is because the foodstuff and fat that goes down your sink, and even your food disposal unit in the sink, tends to build up pretty quickly causing your sink to get clogged.

DIY Plumbing for Blocked Kitchen Sinks

While many blocked kitchen sinks can be easily unclogged by pouring over-the-counter cleaning chemicals down the sink and using a plunger to get the water to go down, these methods work only for minor blockages. More importantly, they only provide a temporary fix since the pipes under the kitchen sink do not get cleaned thoroughly. This means that you can expect the problem to recur in no time at all.

The best thing to do about a blocked kitchen sink is to call your plumber before the problem gets out of hand. If you notice the water going down more slowly than usual, it is time to get your sink checked by a professional plumber. Do not wait till the sink gets truly clogged because it might result in a bigger job. Besides you don’t want the sink issue to blow up in your face at a very inconvenient time, like when you’re having a party, so that you’ll have to resort to calling for an emergency plumber, which is always a bit more expensive than having a scheduled visit.

Professional Service for Your Kitchen Sink Woes

If you are having problems with your kitchen sink, give us a call at 0416 083 717 and Adaptable Plumbing will be happy to send you a licensed plumber who can unclog your sink for you.

Our plumbers are experts in unblocking sinks and will determine the root cause of the problem for you, be it due to debris clogging your pipes, a broken pipe down the line, or even tree roots encroaching on your pipes. With your kitchen sink problem in the hands of an Adaptable Plumbing professional, you can be sure that the real problem will be fixed and that the job will be done in a quick and thorough manner, leaving you with a kitchen sink that won’t be bothering you again for a long time.

Emergency Plumbing Service

Our plumbers are on call 24 hours a day, so you can give us a call anytime for a kitchen emergency. No matter what day or hour it may be, you can be assured that we will respond to your call and that we will do it with a smile.

If you want your kitchen sink unblocked, contact our expert plumbers. Not only will we unclog your sink for you, but we’ll also be happy to give you tips on how to prevent future plumbing issues and even check the rest of your plumbing and give you advice on preventive maintenance! For professional plumbing and unparalleled service, call Adaptable Plumbing. 

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